Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Blog Reflection SOC Legacy Building

At the very beginning of semester 2, I continued my work for the 8th grade RUSH week activities. This was an event we began in semester 1 but occurred at the end of January and beginning of February. RUSH has always been a big event for the SOC and there is always a lot of work that goes into it. However, this time it was different. We were hosting this event for the incoming freshman knowing that they would have no idea what was going on. We knew that they didn't know much about our school culture or language and we would have to guide them through that. However, providing an opportunity for them to experience our school involvement and learn about what it means to be involved was really important to me. As an incoming freshman all I knew was that my sister was involved in anything there was to be apart of and I wanted to do that too, but it wasn't until about the end of my sophomore year that I began to do that. As I graduate and my younger brother begins high school, I wanted to inform him, as well as his classmates, just how you can get involved right from the beginning.
By hosting an event designed for the 8th graders, we were able to show them care by informing them on opportunities they have as freshman at Thomas Nelson. While we also were able to connect with them when they visited our organization booths and we created relationships with our small group through the activities we did, I think the overall component shown was care. Not only did we design something that was specific to their needs, we also gave them a space to explore their interests and see what they could become involved in.
There was a lot of work that the SOC and I put into this RUSH week. Before it began, I was very nervous because I wanted it to go well for the 8th graders so they would enjoy this experience. After it was over, I was very refreshed and was very proud of my work I did for the 8th grade community. I hope this is something that is continued every year to make sure the 8th graders feel welcome and more prepared when they come to Thomas Nelson.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Welcome to Track Season!

Although it's still snowing outside my window, thoughts are drifting toward hot performances on the track and in the field.  We will begin our 2018 campaign with an informational meeting in room B113 today, 2/5 at 3:15.  Here are a couple items that pertain to anyone interested in running, jumping or throwing for TNHS - 

- 2018 schedule will be handed out today, are available in Hoyes's room, and will remain linked at the top of this page.

- TNHS Athletics Participation Packets.  These will be handed out today and  are available in Hoyes's room.  This paperwork must be completed and turned in before official practice begins on 2/26.  If our Athletic Department does not have your paperwork (including a current KHSAA physical) on file, you will not be eligible to train. 

- Spiritwear order forms will go out today and all moneys are paid to Apparel and Awards Factory.  Athletes are required to purchase their own uniform ($23) and are theirs to keep for future seasons.  

- Track conditioning through most of February will be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday beginning with Tuesday, February 6th.  3:30 - 4:45 meeting at the fieldhouse.  Kids should be prepared to train either outside or inside everyday.  T-shirts, shorts, tights, sweats, and versatile combinations of layers are key - I keep hats and gloves in my bag all year 'round!  

- Beginning Monday, February 26 we will train every day from 3:30-5:15.  

- First meet is March 20th!!!

- And lastly, encourage folks to come out and join Track.  There is an event for everyone, we have the best student-athletes in school, and we have the strongest tradition of success of any TNHS athletic program sending athletes to five consecutive KHSAA State Championships (11 including XC).  It's never too late to start.  

Friday, December 15, 2017


     As semester one comes to a close, I have reflected on the many things that have been accomplished individually, for my organization, and for the SOC as a whole. There are many things we have learned and grown from and will continue to make better. Within my organization, I have been able to create opportunities for members and their families that have allowed us to build relationships with each other and the community. One way that I really saw CARE in my organization was just recently through the Angel Tree Program. We had an amazing amount of items donated for our angel and it was a true example of how we care as an organization. I was able to support and care for the XC boys during their state meet by getting with the SOC and putting together CARE packages for them to have on the day of their meet. This was very appreciated by the boys and Coach Hoyes because it was the first time they had gotten something for their state trip though they have gone to the state meet every year. I could tell the boys felt cared for and they recognized their role in the school and knew to represent well.
     Just like always, communication plays a key role in our organization. We have never had an issue with communication among our teammates, parents, and other supporters. Coach Hoyes puts together an email every week that is filled with information and keeps everyone up to date with what's going on in our organization. Several times this year, I have sent emails to Coach Hoyes and asked him to share information with the team and he has sent it out through email. I usually then take those emails and put them onto the blog and include any pictures from that week that would help to tell the story of that email. Coach Hoyes also started using a text-remind system this year to send out small reminders of things like bringing the Angel Tree gifts to the banquet for collection. This has been very helpful in cases when there are last minute reminders to be made or if it is just a small piece of information that someone may miss in a long email. Our FaceBook, Twitter, Blog, email, and text system are all key pieces to the development of our organization and I have directly seen them help out the members involved.
     One thing I am going to focus heavily on for semester two is our community involvement. We have a set community partner and we have began to find ways to best serve them. However, they have been very busy and have not been able to have any events that we would be able to support them in. With the new year, we will be able to do more and have more opportunities to connect with them and grow as an organization through service. I am excited for semester two and all the things I can create with the help of my organization, my small group, and the SOC as a whole. 

Friday, December 1, 2017


     This week, I focused a lot on communicating the Angel Tree with Coach Hoyes and the rest of our team. I had Coach Hoyes send out an email that explained what we were doing and why we wanted to take on this project. I am very excited about the involvement that we will have from our team in support of our angel. I can't wait to see the amount of care each person is going to contribute and how we will serve our community through this project. In addition to this new tradition, we also have our annual banquet coming up next week to celebrate the end of another great season. We plan to have our dinner and celebration with awards and a picture movie.
     In this next week, I plan to work more with Coach Hoyes and our community partner, KORT, to set up a community service opportunity. I struggled with finding a community partner that would be willing to partner with us and allow us to serve them so now that I have finally gotten one in place, we want to get started as soon as possible. KORT has already given plenty of ideas for service and we are very excited to get involved with their work.
     Our blog has been a direct communication hub as I have transferred any email Coach Hoyes sends out into a blog post. Coach Hoyes' emails are always very informative so it is easy to see exactly what is going on and I am able to provide that information on the blog as well. It is also always visually appealing with pictures of our team and things that we do together. I am excited for the development of this blog that has come along with the development of our team.

Monday, November 20, 2017


Communication has never been an issue within our organization. We always make sure to reach out to every stakeholder and keep them updated with the things going on in our organization. Our blog, FaceBook, email, text message system, and Twitter are all very active and informative to our team, families, school, and community. I am able to have regular conversation with Coach Hoyes and that allows me to stay in the XC loop and know what is going on. We also communicate through email and text message to ensure clarity of upcoming events or needs of the organization. Overall, our communication really helps to develop our program and continue to make things better everyday.
One question I could be asking is, "What more can we be doing as an organization?" There is always more to what you think is the end product. With every conversation made, there is always more to be discussed. I know as an organization, there is always more we can do to connect and build stronger relationships. One thing we can do regularly is have a meal together, and not just the meals the we eat before meets. Also, there is always more that we, as an organization, can be doing to connect with the community around us to build that relationship as well. Moving forward, I plan to be asking this question, not just once, but on a regular basis that way we are always striving for more. I think this can advance our organization to bigger and better things. What we think is really good now can become great later.

Monday, October 30, 2017

TNHSXC 10/30 update - STATEBOUND!

Good morning TNHSXC family (I started this email 6 hours ago).  Well, I'm still recovering from that epic day of racing Saturday.  Every single one of our kids laid it on the line when we needed it most.  The girls ran fantastic races, despite the cool temps and tough course - four of the six ran season best times and two PR'd!  That is the way to cap off a season of growth.  The guys faced a huge and deep Region field, yet they ran with grit and pulled in our second Region Runner-up trophy!  We've been Region Runner-up twice in six years, and now will have sent distance runners to 11 consecutive State Championships counting track.  Renegade Running!  

Kudos to all of our kids.  I couldn't be more proud.  

Saturday 11/4, KHSAA State XC Championships - Kentucky Horse Park 
I've included the entire schedule just for reference but highlighted the guys' race in green.  We will leave school at 9:00 for anyone that wants to caravan.  It is slow parking and a long walk into the venue, so if you are not following you need to be on time.   Everyone needs to be on site no later than 10:30.  

All ten boys entered as the Region team will be entered automatically in State.  Spectators are $10.  

9:15 A.M. FIRST CALL: CLASS 1A GIRLS (Teams are in the box for clerk inspection) 
10:00 A.M. FIRST CALL: CLASS 1A BOYS (Teams are in the box for clerk inspection) 
11:15 A.M. FIRST CALL: CLASS 2A GIRLS (Teams are in the box for clerk inspection) 
12:00 P.M. FIRST CALL: CLASS 2A BOYS (Teams are in the box for clerk inspection) 
1:15 P.M. FIRST CALL: CLASS 3A GIRLS (Teams are in the box for clerk inspection) 
2:00 P.M. FIRST CALL: CLASS 3A BOYS (Teams are in the box for clerk inspection) 

2017 times updated through Region

5k'sTiger RunWeeknight WarfareLabor Day 5k/10kIron HorseBernie KeeneTrinityHillbilly RunGreen Co.TNHS RevoltBluegrass BoltMKACRegion
1Marcus Bowling17:57:0018:00:0038:54 10k18:58:0018:53:0018:22:0017:27:0017:19:0017:38:0017:24:0018:05:00
2Lane Hoyes19:50:0020:49:0019:33:0018:58:0018:51:0018:27:0018:25:0019:38:00
3Jake Humphrey19:48:0021:16:0045:28 10k19:37:0019:46:0019:13:0020:05:0018:32:0020:18:0019:14:00
4Clay Dones19:23:0019:52:0020:2120:51:0019:13:0018:52:0020:00:00
5Andrew Newton19:35:0039:25 10k19:53:0019:30:0019:02:0020:27:0018:53:0019:06:0019:35:0019:20:00
6Ethan Vance19:43:0021:21:0043:48 10k22:08:0021:0319:45:0021:38:0020:16:0020:17:0019:08:0019:27:0019:11:00
7Isaac Goff19:54:0020:14:0039:45 10k20:44:0020:27:0019:42:0020:05:0019:42:0019:42:0019:15:0019:45:00
8Jackson Middleton20:4120:27:0020:12:0019:58:0020:33:0020:11:0020:13:00
9Carson Mouser23:49:0021:54:0022:1222:12:0024:40:0022:16:0022:03:0020:19:0021:33:00
10Nolan Brown22:10:0021:57:0022:12:0021:52:0021:17:00
11Ryan Beck24:27:0022:08:0022:13:0025:38:0021:58:0021:41:00
12Cameron Mattingly26:06:0028:06:0023:36:0024:50:0024:22:0022:24:0024:15:0025:12:0023:13:0022:49:00
13Tyler Hudson23:4625:20:0025:31:0024:02:0023:02:0023:20:0026:10:0022:51:0024:14:00
14Zach Mattingly28:27:0025:32:0026:05:0026:25:0023:40:0024:45:00
15Jonah Martin32:04:00
1Sydney Newton24:42:0023:54:00
2Devan Garagnani29:59:0029:10:0028:11:0029:38:0029:29:0029:58:0028:05:0029:45:0026:43:0028:08:0026:34:00
3Caroline Janes27:11:0027:13:0026:35:0028:05:0027:09:0027:46:00
4Jensen Garagnani35:07:0028:48:0030:02:0029:30:0030:13:0031:05:0029:47:0028:01:0028:43:0027:37:00
5Nicole Williams32:47:0028:33:0029:23:0029:13:0027:50:00
6Tori Cecil28:34:0031:05:0032:07:0031:22:0031:50:0028:06:0029:23:00
7Kristyn Broell32:46:0031:53:0030:45:0031:04:0029:29:0028:45:00
8Amelia Watkins31:30:00
9Faith Hamilton32:07:00
10Lexie Goode35:08:0038:03:00

10/25 update - REGION WEEK!

Hello TNHSXC family.  The nervous energy is bubbling over around here - it's REGION WEEK!!!  I'm super excited for our kids, and very appreciative of the the hard work that's gotten them to this point. 

Tomorrow, regular practice then Region Team dinner - we will run our normal practice then the kids will come up to my art room for a pasta dinner/meeting/goodie give away.  We should be wrapped up by 6:45. 

Friday, shakeout - one easy loop of the XC course, four strides, stretch and put our legs up.  Kids will be done by 4:45.  

Saturday, Region 2 Championships - Green County HS, Greensburg KY.  
At this point, I believe everyone has been to the Region course.  It's just over an hour away and the schedule below is on CENTRAL TIME. 

1:00pm all athletes arrive at Green County
1:30pm girls begin warm up 
1:45pm Coaches Meeting 
2:15pm Class AA Girls 
2:15 pm boys begin warm up behind start of girls race 
3:00pm Class AA Boys

The following athletes are registered as our 2017 Region Teams - 

Girls - 
Caroline Janes
Devan Garagnani
Jensen Garagnani
Nicole Williams
Tori Cecil
Kristyn Broell

Boys - 
Marcus Bowling
Lane Hoyes
Jake Humphrey
Clay Dones
Andrew Newton
Ethan Vance
Isaac Goff
Jackson Middleton
Carson Mouser
Ryan Beck

It's imperative that our kids are on time, have double and triple checked their duffels and have their uniforms.  I will go over cold weather gear and expectations with them in the coming days, but BE PREPARED!  It will likely be a rough weather day.  

I know that we have a couple of inhalers on the team.  I'm faxing Physicians to Children for Andrew Newton.  For Jake and Kristyn, I need you'all to handle getting the form to the right doctors to get them signed.  

There is lots of info attached.  Pay attention to the parking areas, and note there is a $5 per car parking fee.  All of the registration paperwork is taken care of, just attached everything for you to see if you were interested.  

Let's make sure our kids are well fed and well rested going into the weekend.  

- Matt