Monday, October 16, 2017

TNHSXC - 10/16 update

Good morning TNHSXC family.  I hope everyone enjoyed a weekend away from competition and that the kids had a great day of training on Saturday.  My family and I got to spend some time together travelling to Ohio for the Columbus Marathon.  While I wasn't thrilled with my time, I'm proud of how I placed because the conditions were really tough, and everybody was dying out there.  I mention this because it's thinking about these kids, what I ask of them every day, and how much they mean to me that keeps me going.  We are entering the most competitive part of our season, and I can be really hard on my athletes.  I believe in them, and I know they can rise to do great things.

Extra kudos to Amie Isabel, Emma and Eli's mom/elementary assistant coach/program builder.  She set her PR in Ironman Louisville yesterday.  Outstanding!

Below is the link to results from last week's Bolt.  It was a crazy week with a rain out and a reschedule, pulling together a meet while Soccer Districts were happening, and kids having to respond to a tough night of racing on a Thursday.  Well, they did just that and our boys won - on a tie breaker!

Tomorrow, 10/17 Mid-Kentucky Athletic Conference Championships

Tanglewood Golf Course
245 Tanglewood Ct, Taylorsville, KY 40071
Directions Link

5:45 pm - 3k.  MS Girls and Boys combined race.
6:15 pm - 5k.  HS Girls.
6:45 pm - 5k.  HS Boys.   

This meet will mark the end of the season for our middle schoolers and JV runners.  Heading into Region our team will be the top ten boys and girls.  I love to have kids continue to come and run practices - keep getting faster because your growth as a runner does not end with XC season.  Be a runner.

Check out all of the PR's on right side of this spreadsheet - tons of PR's!
5k'sTiger RunWeeknight WarfareLabor Day 5k/10kIron HorseBernie KeeneTrinityHillbilly RunGreen Co.TNHS RevoltBluegrass Bolt
1Marcus Bowling17:57:0018:00:0038:54 10k18:58:0018:53:0018:22:0017:27:0017:19:0017:38:00
2Lane Hoyes19:50:0020:49:0019:33:0018:58:0018:51:0018:27:00
3Jake Humphrey19:48:0021:16:0045:28 10k19:37:0019:46:0019:13:0020:05:0018:32:00
4Andrew Newton19:35:0039:25 10k19:53:0019:30:0019:02:0020:27:0018:53:0019:06:00
5Ethan Vance19:43:0021:21:0043:48 10k22:08:0021:0319:45:0021:38:0020:16:0020:17:0019:08:00
6Clay Dones19:23:0019:52:0020:2120:51:0019:13:00
7Isaac Goff19:54:0020:14:0039:45 10k20:44:0020:27:0019:42:0020:05:0019:42:0019:42:00
8Jackson Middleton20:4120:27:0020:12:0019:58:0020:33:0020:11:00
9Carson Mouser23:49:0021:54:0022:1222:12:0024:40:0022:16:0022:03:0020:19:00
10Ryan Beck24:27:0022:08:0022:13:0025:38:0021:58:0021:41:00
11Nolan Brown22:10:0021:57:0022:12:0021:52:00
12Cameron Mattingly26:06:0028:06:0023:36:0024:50:0024:22:0022:24:0024:15:0025:12:0023:13:00
13Tyler Hudson23:4625:20:0025:31:0024:02:0023:02:0023:20:0026:10:0022:51:00
14Zach Mattingly28:27:0025:32:0026:05:0026:25:0023:40:00
15Jonah Martin32:04:00
1Sydney Newton24:42:0023:54:00
2Caroline Janes27:11:0027:13:0026:35:0028:05:0027:09:00
3Devan Garagnani29:59:0029:10:0028:11:0029:38:0029:29:0029:58:0028:05:0029:45:0026:43:00
4Nicole Williams32:47:0028:33:0029:23:00
5Tori Cecil28:34:0031:05:0032:07:0031:22:0031:50:0028:06:00
6Jensen Garagnani35:07:0028:48:0030:02:0029:30:0030:13:0031:05:0029:47:0028:01:00
7Kristyn Broell32:46:0031:53:0030:45:0031:04:0029:29:00
8Amelia Watkins31:30:00
9Faith Hamilton32:07:00
10Lexie Goode35:08:0038:03:00
MS 3k'sPopsicle 1Popsicle 2Weeknight WarfarePopsicle 3Bernie KeenePopsicle 4Popsicle 5Hillbilly RunRevoltBolt
1Lane Hoyes12:2211:4211:3811:1511:2111:2811:0311:18
2Jackson Middleton12:5412:3112:1311:2111:4611:3211:58
3Nolan Brown13:1413:2113:16:0012:4012:28:0012:2812:0112:32
4Sam Mouser15:2514:2713:1813:2113:3313:2213:0614:1012:46
5Jonah Martin18:05:0016:5119:33:0015:5916:2418:1522:41 (4k)15:22
1Sydney Newton15:3115:5615:2013:2914:2414:4219:35 (4k)13:39
2Caroline Janes15:4715:1815:3115:32
3Tori Cecil17:3617:5916:57:0016:41
4Kendall Maner19:05
ES 2k's
1Daniel Filiatreau9:59:0010:58:009:469:50:0010:04
2Eli Isabel10:4411:0710:4610:4310:29
3Evan Cecil11:4511:1911:3413:23
4Jack Miles17:1815:2512:2111:2013:2812:4013:06
5Grant Curtsinger13:5212:4011:5412:4611:53
6Emma Isabel11:5712:0811:05
7Adalyn Filiatreau13:2213:2213:40
8Kason Reid15:1513:2313:22
9Aubrey Hey15:0515:1015:1515:5713:3314:05
10Rheya Downs16:28