Friday, April 21, 2017

TNHS Track 4/15Update

Good evening track folks.   I want to start by offering my congratulations to Alexis Malone and her family, as Alexis signed today to run track for Aurora University.  It's a fantastic opportunity for her, and she is very deserving.  Below are the pics from the event.  

Saturday, 4/15/17 Tates Creek Commodore Classic Invitational, info sheet, heat sheets and competitor #'s attached  
Our team will be a little lean due to the AP study sessions going on Saturday, but I'm excited for a good day of competition at a new meet for our program.

Next Wednesday, 4/19/17 Bullitt East All-comers, 5:30 field, 5:45 running events
Every team member will be competing.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

TNHStrack 3/2 update

Good morning TNHStrack family.   The season hasn't even begun, and we have so much to celebrate!

Student Athletes of the Month - Congrats to three of our athletes for earning this prestigious honor.  I have an overwhelmingly large number of deserving nominees, but January and February went to Maggie and Alexis and they both won!  Football nominated Chase, but we will still claim him ;)

Tonight - Spring Sports Showcase -  4:00-7:00 pm.  We will meet in the fieldhouse right after school.  From there, team members will get in uniform and go to the gym for our "all sports" picture at 4:00 followed by our team pictures  at 4:40.  Parents need to be in attendance from 6:00-7:00 in the cafeteria.  This program will gather all stakeholders from spring sports and will be led by our Athletic Directors.

Paperwork - many athletes have already returned their completed packets and I am updating our roster today.  Remember, AFTER TODAY - NO PAPERWORK MEANS AN ATHLETE IS INELIGIBLE TO TRAIN!  We have them in the Track office and here in the building if someone needs a replacement.  

Spiritwear and uniforms - attached you will find our new Spiritwear order form from Apparel and Awards.  If an athlete is issued a new uniform, then they will owe $23.  That payment should be made out to Apparel and Awards and can be included with your order of other team gear.

We're off to a great start, and our kids have already demonstrated tremendous drive and growth mindset.

Please remember our schedule has been updated -
2017 TNHS Track Schedule 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Pre-season email

Good afternoon TNHSXC and Track families.  To many of you, these groups are one and the same.  But, I realize that many of you have been tolerating my XC emails awaiting the start of Track season, and some of you will be ignoring Track emails until XC starts back up this summer.  

This email should serve as the transition between the two seasons as we have the first few important dates of 2017 already upon us - 

Tomorrow, Thursday 1/19 - Track and Field informational meeting in B113 Hoyes's room, 3:15-3:45 (we will then go to the gym to run some stairs for anyone that's interested)

Friday, 1/20 - XC/Track team Pizza Party/Open Gym Time, 8:00-10:00
All 2016-17 All XC/Track athletes (including XC middle schoolers) are welcome to join us for junky food, music and the fun in the gym.  

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays - Track Conditioning 3:30-5:00
Starting next week.  Most of our work in this time won't be really event specific.  Practicing every day will begin in mid-February.  

The season's competitive schedule is being finalized and will be going home with kids tomorrow, and it will be emailed and posted on the blog.  We are looking forward to another fantastic season of continued growth - look for more from me soon.  


Monday, October 31, 2016

Region Pics and Results

Crazy proud of our TNHSXC family.  Boys continue their tradition sending runners to State all five years we've been in existence.  Been a bumpy season, but at least I get everyone of them back! They 5th in an incredibly tight race (only 14 points away from not qualifying and 13 points away from Region Runner-up! One point out of 4th, four points from 3rd). My girls ran tough - Faith battling back from mono, and Maggie ran her best race ever missing by one spot. Bittersweet moments with my three senior girls. I love you all. And, proud dad moment - my 7th grade son Lane pr'd and is going to State!!!  

Keep the pics coming in, and be on the lookout for State Meet info throughout this week.  

Region Results
Milesplit Photo Album

Friday, October 28, 2016

Region Eve

Good morning TNHSXC family.  This email contains the most recent correspondence from the Region meet manager.  They have pushed the times back 10 minutes, which only affects our girls moving their start to 9:40 CST.  Note the $5 per car fee and the course closures.  

We will LEAVE TNHS at 7:00 EST.  If anyone is not caravanning, be sure you are on site at least 90 minutes prior to the start.  Boys need to be there by 7:30 CST, and girls need to be there by 8 - 8:10 CST.  Do not mess with the added stress of arriving late!  

Meet Manager message:
Coaches, we've adjusted the schedule slightly by adding an extra 10 min. per race to ensure that race times remain on schedule, see schedule below.  If there are any concerns with the new schedule, please let me know. 

Region 2 Schedule: Central Standard Time
Class AA Schedule:
8:30:  Coaches Meeting
9:00:  Boys Race
9:40:  Girls Race
10:25: Awards
Class AAA Schedule:
10:10:  Coaches Meeting
10:40: Boys Race
11:20: Girls Race
12:05: Awards
Class A Schedule:
11:50: Coaches Meeting
12:20:  Boys Race
1:00: Girls Race
1:45: Awards

We appreciate those that have submitted their XC 113 forms electronically. There is a link to this form on milesplit.  Please make sure you bring them to the coaches meeting on Sat., if you are unable to submit them electronically.  In addition, there is a link for the inhaler form on milesplit, if needed.

We've attached an updated map of the course that emphasizes the 5K course in green.  The map also addresses parking for buses and spectators, tent city locations, and spectator restrictions. 

 Spectators will not be allowed on some parts of the course, this section of the course is to the right of the red line on attached map. 

Athletes are able to warm-up around either tent city locations or their lane (coaches will draw for lanes at registration).

Phil Moore Park is located 3 mi.south of Greenwood High School and straddles US 231(Scottsville Rd). It is exit 22 off I-65. The 5K course is primarily a natural grass surface with some gravel in areas prone to washout (hill and underpass). Attached below is a map emphasizing the 5K race in green. The course is set-up and available for practice anytime.  The map also addresses parking for buses and spectators, tent city locations, and spectator restrictions.  Spectators will not be allowed on some parts of the course,the course to the right of the red line on the map is prohibited.

There will be a $5 parking fee per car. There will be no charge for buses.
 Buses will drop off runners and park on the south side of 231, which is the primary entrance to the park.  All personal vehicles will need to turn to the north side of 231, directly opposite the main entrance sign.  Car parking will take place in a large grass field and spectators will need to follow the path under the highway to get to Tent City and the start/finish lines. In the name of safety, please use the walkway under the highway. See map above for clarification. 

The course continues to be available for practice this week and that includes Saturday morning before Class AA starts."  

All of the paperwork is in, pasta eaten and sweet new team clothing distributed.  Just one easy shake out, some strides and little visualization practice between now and the start line.  Let's take care of our runners, feed them well, and get them plenty of rest tonight.  

I love these kids, and I can't wait to see them crush it tomorrow.  Erase any doubt and believe!


Monday, October 24, 2016

Region Week

Good morning TNHSXC family.  It is REGION WEEK!  This is an exciting and nerve wracking time of year.  The kids have worked crazy hard to get to this point and will be laying it all on the line Saturday morning.   Thanks so much for everyone's recent contributions - putting on a fantastic Conference Championships, driving kids to Bowling Green, or nursing them back to health!  Our runners thrive with your support - thank you.  

Thursday, 10/27 - 5:30 Region Team dinner at TNHS.  I will cook pasta for the Region Teams and hand out their sweet gifts.  We will hang out, stuff our faces and watch some inspirational running movies.  Will be finished by 7:00. 

Friday, 10/28 - 5k Shake out run, strides, stretch/roll and put legs up!!! Run this day. 

Saturday, 10/29 - Region 2, 2A Championships, Phil Moore Park (Central Time)
Coaches meeting - 8:30
Boys race - 9:00
Girls race - 9:30 

We will LEAVE TNHS, like driving away, at 7:00 a.m.  It's roughly 90 minutes down there.  Which would put us there at 7:30 CST.  That is an hour and a half early, but also gives us a little wiggle room in case of traffic (there are many miles of construction on I-65).  

Here are the directions -  Google Maps Link

The attached inhaler for is also linked HERE.  It must be signed by representative from your child's Dr.'s office if they will have an inhaler on site at all.  If they go to Physicians to Children here in town, then please respond and tell me so.  I will fax those over tomorrow morning.  Let's get these taken care of ASAP.

Pasted below is the info/instructions from the meet manager - 

"Coaches, this is additional information regarding meet instructions.  Please read through and relay to athletes/parents/spectator so there are no violations during this important meet. Most of this is also addressed via Milesplit per class, which also includes map of course and parking.  Later today, I will send  a map of park, highlighting additional aspects addressed below, in particular course restrictions. 
Parking:  The buses will park in the parking lot at main entrance.  They can drop-off and pick up their athletes in parking lot.  NO parking on the side road that is parallel to the course (as was the case for Gatorland Run).  
Parents and spectators will park in the lot across the the street (same they did for Gatorland Run).  There is a $5.00 per CAR to help us pay for the officials and awards.
Warm-up Location: 
Athletes are NOT allowed on the course for warm ups. In addition, athletes are not allowed to warm up in the center of the starting line area.  It is marked accordingly. Athletes are allowed to warm-up in their lane (coaches will draw for lane assignments at coaches meeting) and the open spaces around tent city 1 and tent city 2, which are located to the left and right of the starting line.   Please inform athletes that when they warm-up, that they must be going the opposite direction of runners in the race, to prevent runners from pacing other runners in a race. 
Course Restrictions:
COACHES, please tell you athletes and parents, that no one is allowed past the Red and Blue candy cane ropes during the races.(will send map later today).  This includes being in the forest area.  NO ONE is allowed on the course during the races.
COACHES:  Each team will be given two coaches passes for the course.  Please share accordingly between races if you have more than two coaches.   
Coaches Meeting/Awards:
The Coaches meeting for each set of races (A, AA, AAA) will be immediately after the completion of the girls races at the starting line. The AWARDS program will be after the coaches meeting.  Please be patient while the race results are being completed and checked by the meet officials. 
Pavilion Restriction:
Unless coaches are picking up their registration packet, the Pavilion is only reserved for officials and Hytek operators.  Please make sure assistant coaches, athletes, and parents are aware of this. 
Photographer's Pass:There will be a photographer's pass for any community photographer (not for parents or athletes using selfies) to be located in the chute area on the far side of the chute.
Regional Course is open for practice by any teams this week.
We appreciate Coach Art Sciubba's time and dedication the last few weeks in ensuring the course was safe and ready for teams to preview/practice on the course prior to the Regional meet. 
Concessions and  KHSAA Regional T-shirts will be available."

I'd like to congratulate those that have earned the honor of being on our Region Team - 

Boys - 7 race, 3 alternates

Girls - 7 race, 2 alternates

Linked below are all of our times for the year in a spreadsheet updated with Conference and Central Hardin results.  PR's are highlighted, and only XC meets with accurate distances were used for PR's, but all races are listed.  

I'm sure you'll hear more from me as we approach the weekend - I've been running virtual meet previews and color coding all of our closest competition to use in our meetings this week (I might be freaking out a little).   Here's to our kids running their best this Saturday.  Let's do this!!!


Thursday, October 20, 2016

2016 Times as of 10/20

Follow this 2016 XC TIMES link.

Tiger Run Weeknight Warfare Run for the GoldLabor Day 5k/10kIron Horse Bernie Keene Fairgrounds Frenzy Hillbilly Run Greater L'ville TNHS RevoltBluegrass Bolt MKAC
1Maggie Parrish 25:31:0024:53:0022:3923:27:0025:02:0024:30:0024:27:0024:06:0023:1323:12
2Faith Stansbury 26:28:0026:14:0024:33:0024:45:0026:12:0024:45:0023:5524:12:0024:03:0023:18
3Hannah Thompson 26:55:0027:03:0025:27:0026:03:0025:19:0024:37:0024:32:0023:5524:03:0023:59
4Devan Garagnani29:01:0028:31:0024:37:0026:13:0027:13:0026:36:0027:03:0025:27:0025:39:0025:17:0026:36:00
5Samantha Ballard 28:49:0024:50:0028:38:0025:37:0027:46:0026:03:0025:22:0025:26:0025:35:0026:33:00
6Jensen Garagnani 32:16:0028:51:0025:12:0026:13:0028:50:0027:40:0026:42:0025:30:0025:53:0026:08:0026:14:00
7Alexis Malone 30:09:0025:30:0026:22:0025:19:0026:47:00
8Edina Gass29:34:00
9Madison Farren 37:03:0029:35:0035:34:0034:32:0032:36:0034:08:0030:57:0033:51:00
10Kristyn Broell 36:44:0032:10:0031:29:0034:33:0030:46:0031:23:0030:19:0030:18:00
1Jake Humphrey 19:3920:3918:2120:0018:5019:1119:4918:3819:1818:38
2Andrew Newton 19:0319:0941:03 10k 19:1219:1419:1918:4118:3619:5518:2018:35
3Clay Dones 20:2023:1319:5120:0820:2318:5718:5619:1118:2619:41
4Marcus Bowling 19:4420:2119:0520:2119:2519:1918:2819:06
5Hunter Wimsett19:5519:3618:3219:4519:1819:4020:0519:4218:3619:04
6Lane Hoyes 20:4621:4820:0121:1219:2619:51
7Isaac Goff20:5321:5120:03?42:45 10k 20:3721:5421:1620:3720:2519:5419:3519:56
8Ethan Vance21:1820:5221:3022:1820:48
9Brandon Darby 25:13:0022:3823:10:0024:15:0022:5224:03:00
10Braden Karr27:55:0023:5825:26:0024:06:0026:32:0024:15:0025:01:0023:0823:44
11John Paul Cesare25:45:0025:03:0025:26:0024:43:0023:42
12Zack Mattingly 28:33:0027:29:0030:15:0026:24:0025:49:0025:53:00
13Zander Jenkins 29:04:0028:23:00
Popsicle 1Popsicle 2WNW Labor Day 5k Popsicle 3Iron Horse Bernie KeenePopsicle 4 *Fairgrounds Frenzy 2.85Popsicle 5Hillbilly Run TNHS Revolt 4kBluegrass BoltMKAC
1Ethan Vance 13:1612:5920:5212:5521:3012:4211:5611:2512:11
2Lane Hoyes 12:5913:0220:4612:4321:4812:2012:3611:5812:1312:1112:08
3Carson Mouser 14:4714:5625:27:0015:2829:28:0014:4214:0713:5318:2119:4013:2614:15
4Jackson Middleton 15:1115:1515:5113:3314:2114:3813:4813:56
5Sam Mouser 10:00 2k 16:0433:27:009:17 2k36:47:0015:4515:1814:4214:4116:2324:07:0014:1314:06
6Greg Murphy 14:2715:0214:4914:2414:2114:11
7Nolin Brown 15:0715:0415:3214:3415:22
8Ben Risner 17:1715:4515:0316:1214:4018:5616:2624:26:0015:1914:55
9Stone Boone 18:0418:2129:53:0016:2128:12:0016:3216:5916:1816:2616:0715:59
10Sawyer Boone 19:2420:3719:2433:49:0019:0636:49:0019:2618:4519:5020:1118:3219:08
1Sydney Newton 16:0317:0117:2828:20:0016:0115:2315:5022:0415:0115:18
2Caroline Janes 18:2215:4916:4315:17
3Tori Cecil 17:4318:0317:3416:2416:3815:3419:1224:35:00